[Re]Construction House

The [Re]Construction House, located at 5731 S. Lafayette Avenue in the heart of the Perry Ave Commons, is a project focused on the transformation of an abandoned home. The house was occupied by an elder whose relatives lived out of state. Upon her passing, the home sat vacant until one of the relatives visited the area and witnessed the work of Sweet Water Foundation firsthand. The home was donated to Sweet Water Foundation in late 2016 in hopes they would bring it back to life one day.

The SWF team has been rehabbing the house as a learning project of SWF’s Apprenticeship and Outreach Program. However, the project is much more than the simple rehab of a vacant house. The [Re]Construction House is being designed and rehabilitated via a process that deconstructs the spaces of a home and rethinks the potential of each space within the structure as a site of convergence and engagement for multiple publics; a process of commoning. The cumulative body of work across the entire house will demonstrate a new possibility for communities and cities across the nation grappling with the question of how to revitalize people and spaces stifled by decades of disinvestment, systemic and systematic racism, poverty, and perpetual cycles of violent crime.

To date, the SWF team has completed Phase One of renovations to the house.