There GROWS the neighborhood. 


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Lighting Up The commons

In 2017, Sweet Water Foundation transformed an old shipping container into the “Think-Do Pod”, a learning laboratory, which features a gallery on the lower level, and greenhouse on the top level. In late 2017, SWF was awarded a grant from the Illinois Science Energy and Innovation Foundation (ISEIF)  to convert the Think-Do Pod into the Smart Pod; integrating smart grid and renewable energy technologies into the structure and lessons learned across SWF’s education, art, agriculture, and design programming.


Keith joined the Sweet Water Foundation (SWF) family in summer 2018 as a Crew Member and Apprentice. He was born and raised in Chicago, and discovered Sweet Water Foundation through his son’s grandmother. Since joining SWF, Keith has pitched in and helped out in every way he can at The Commons - from work on the farm, to leading tours, to administrative and computer work. He is always willing, open, and excited to engage in conversation and learn more about others.

Water and art at The commons

Sweet Water Foundation practices Regenerative Neighborhood Development - a radically reconstructive model of economic development that transforms disinvested spaces into productive and sustainable spaces of healing, intergenerational connections, and beauty. A critical, yet often overlooked component of SWF’s practice is water. SWF has creatively and intentionally called the issue of water to attention as it works towards neighborhood transformation.


Transforming 'Blight' to Life.

Sweet Water Foundation utilizes a blend of urban agriculture, art and education to transform vacant spaces and abandoned buildings into economically and ecologically productive and sustainable community assets that produce engaged youth, skilled workers, art, locally-grown food , and affordable housing.


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