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2019 annual harvest celebration @ the commons

On Saturday, September 27, Sweet Water Foundation hosted the 2019 Annual Harvest Celebration at The Commons, welcoming more than 200 guests from near and far. Harvest Celebration activities centered around the R-N-D Park, a new community park SWF activated this summer on 5-contiguous parcels of vacant land at The Commons. This year’s celebration featured a farmers’ market, arts + crafts activities, screen printing, food, music, and a marketplace featuring local vendors selling handmade goods, art, and natural products.

Humans of sweet water… meet dave + jordan

Meet David Snowdy and Jordan Graham. David and Jordan… Humans of Sweet Water...Meet Dave Snowdy and Jordan Graham. Dave (Mentor) and Jordan (Apprentice and Peer Mentor) have both been part of the SWF core team for years. Their relationship as Mentor and Apprentice demonstrates the unique model that Sweet Water Foundation uses to teach and engage lifelong learners in the practice of Regenerative Neighborhood Development.

Photo: Chicago Magazine by  Ross Feighery

Photo: Chicago Magazine by Ross Feighery

Sweet water foundation featured at 2019 chicago architecture biennial

Re-Root + Redux borrows from the architectural language of Sweet Water Foundation’s main site, known as the Perry Ave Commons. Designed in collaboration with Trillium Dell Timber Frame Construction, the structure is inspired by the framing and construction method of Chicago’s worker cottages -- once the dominant housing typology and the first standardized affordable housing in the city.


Transforming 'Blight' to Light.

Sweet Water Foundation utilizes a blend of urban agriculture, art and education to transform vacant spaces and abandoned buildings into economically and ecologically productive and sustainable community assets that produce engaged youth, skilled workers, art, locally-grown food , and affordable housing.


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