Through the practice of Regenerative Neighborhood Development, Sweet Water Foundation offers an inclusive, art-inspired and agriculture-fed approach to neighborhood development through built projects and installations.


[re]construction house

The [Re]Construction House is a project focused on the transformation of an abandoned home. The house was occupied by an elder whose relatives lived out of state. Upon her passing, the home sat vacant until one of the relatives visited the area and witnessed the work of Sweet Water Foundation firsthand. T


To extend our reach beyond our physical sites, Sweet Water Foundation partners with art and educational institutions across the country to demonstrate the possibilities of Regenerative Neighborhood Development and inspire others to engage in the transformation of their communities.  


On September 23, 2017, more than 300 community members gathered to engage in the historic Thought Barn Raising. It is the first timber frame barn located in the City of Chicago since the Great Chicago Fire and brings a visual and performing arts, reflection, and community gathering space to the heart of the Perry Ave Commons. 

light box theater + gallery

In early September of 2018, the Thought Barn was creatively enclosed to provide a year-round, indoor performance space known as The “Lightbox” Theater + Gallery Space. Throughout the winter, The Lightbox Theater will be a platform for visual and performing arts, reflection, and community gathering that is utilized by artists of all mediums.


Once a shipping container that transported grape juice concentrate from Argentina, the Smart Pod now stands as a gallery, greenhouse and learning laboratory.  The Pod is a physical manifestation of Sweet Water Foundation's practice of "turning wastes into resources" and demonstrates the power of Regenerative Neighborhood Development to tackle our planet's most pressing challenges.