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Humans of Sweet Water...Meet Orrin Williams

In 2010, Orrin Williams met Sweet Water Foundation's Co-Founder, Emmanuel Pratt, at a meeting in West Englewood. An instant bond was formed as they quickly recognized the synergies in their work and a shared vision of transformation on Chicago’s South side. The two have been working together ever since and Sweet Water Foundation has benefited greatly from Orrin’s leadership, vision, and contributions over the years.  

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From Dublin to Chicago: Fractal Seating Amplify Educators Workshop

On Saturday, February 24th, more than 40 educators participated in Sweet Water Foundation’s Fractal Seating Workshop at the Smart Museum of Art. The workshop was featured as part of the University of Chicago’s Amplify Education Series, which seeks to develop a model of collaboration that leads to a systemically, and sustainably networked education community that supports rich and dynamic arts learning experiences.

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Humans of Sweet Water...Meet Mike Reynolds

Meet Mike Reynolds...a native of Chicago and retired Union Carpenter who has been with Sweet Water Foundation (SWF) for two years. Before joining SWF, Mike worked with Habitat for Humanity in Chicago. Although it took a couple of months of nagging by a colleague to visit the Perry Ave Commons, Mike was instantly inspired by the organization's work and has proudly been with Sweet Water Foundation ever since. 

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