Building Critical Connections with Dr. Abdullah Pratt

Dr. Abdullah Pratt, an Emergency Medicine physician at the University of Chicago Medical Center, first visited Sweet Water Foundation via friend and SWF team member, Taryn Randle. Dr. Pratt is a native of Chicago’s South Side, Emergency Medicine Attending, and Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Chicago. He is committed to serving his community not only through his work at UChicago’s Trauma Center, but also by sharing his knowledge with both community members and his professional peers. Read on to learn about the critical connections developing at The Commons.


At Sweet Water Foundation’s Second Annual Juneteenth Celebration, Dr. Pratt led a pop-up booth with Dr. Ed McDonald, a Gastroenterologist, Chef, and native South side resident. Dr. McDonald specializes in nutrition and changing the diet and cooking habits of underrepresented communities on the South side of Chicago. On Juneteenth, the two shared critical information with community members about health, nutrition, and life-saving skills so they are prepared if faced with traumatic events. The booth featured adult and child CPR manikins and wound simulation manikins with which Dr. Pratt illustrated critical, life-saving steps that can be taken until medical help is available.

Just a few days later, on June 25, Dr. Pratt brought 15 new, Emergency Medicine residents to The Commons as part of their orientation to both the University of Chicago Medical Center and Chicago’s South side. Dr. Pratt stressed the importance of residents seeing the community firsthand, witnessing the positive work happening on the South Side, and understanding the healing spaces and healthy food provided by The Commons. The residents toured The Commons; meeting team members and learning about SWF’s array of programs and offerings.

Sweet Water Foundation is excited to continue to collaborate with Dr. Pratt and support his work of building critical connections across communities and improving health outcomes on Chicago’s South Side.

Courtney Hug